Review Olivarrier Fluid Oil

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I applied for Jolse‘s review tester program and I got the Olivarrier Fluid Oil for free in exchange for an honest review. I’m pretty sure everyone knows Jolse, right? They are a famous website that sells Asian cosmetics. They started this review program not so long ago and I’ve been applying for some stuff that I find interesting. Luckily, I’ve been selected to try this oil.



Ingredient list

100% Squalane (olive-derived).


Squalane is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon that can be found in certain fish oils (especially shark liver oil) and in some vegetable oils. It’s a non-comedogenic oil. The human sebum contains around 13% of squalane as one of its major constituents. In humans, squalane levels peak in our early 20s and then decline very rapidly. It can permeate into the skin very quickly, at a rate of 2 mm/second. Squalane is an antioxidant that prevents UV damage and age spots, and it has a very high emollience.


It comes in a regular paper box. When you open the box you see something written.




The product itself comes in a transparent glass bottle with a dropper. I’ve seen two people complaining that when they opened the lid, it broke. Fortunately, it didn’t happen to me but I’m very careful when opening it. I’d be so pissed if it had broken.


I feel bad for these people because this isn’t a cheap oil and the least you can expect is a bottle of good quality.

Texture and scent

It’s a very light oil that is deeply absorbed. It’s transparent in color.


It’s free of fragrance. I really can’t feel anything, not even a faint chemical scent. Totally scent-free.

How to use

Apply 1-2 drops and rub it with both hands. Gently cover your face with your hands until absorbed. For face and body. Can be used on lips and eye area.


It’s a good oil but not something that wowed me. It does what it says, it hydrates the skin, reduces the water loss, and it’s a good oil for face massage. I advise you to use it before any cream/emulsion otherwise it won’t absorb as well as it should.


It leaves a slightly glowy finishing.

Hydration test using Susee Nano Spray Machine

Let’s check before and after using this oil. I use Susee Machine to check the levels of both water and oil.



  • Before applying the oil: 47.4 % of water and 31.7% of oil
  • After applying the oil: 48.8% of water and 32.6% of oil

Final thoughts

As said before, this oil does what it says. It hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy and reduces the water loss. However, I’m not wowed by it and I won’t be finding myself purchasing it because I find it expensive plus my vitamin C is squalane-based. I will keep using it though because it’s an additional hydration.


Overall, it’s a good product with a pleasant sensorial.

Rate: 3/5

You can buy this product on Jolse.

This product was sent by Jolse for review purposes. All the opinions are of my own and the review is 100% honest, like all of my other reviews I’ve written here and on Instagram.




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