Review Swanicoco Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule (Ginseng Callus)

Clique aqui para português. This is the third product that I received for free from Swanicoco that I'm writing about. It's an ampoule made of ginseng. Ginseng stem cells, if you prefer. I am a huge fan of ginseng. I used to take ginseng powder orally and the effects on my body were very good. [...]


Review Sulwhasoo Herblinic EX Restorative Ampoules

Clique aqui para português. Hi, my name is Rafael! This is my very first post and I will first explain why I "moved" from Instagram to here. The reason is simple: character limit. I wasn't feeling very comfortable writing my reviews on Instagram because of that. I barely could explain about the product and its [...]